Medal of Honor Character Development Program


CDP kit cover The Medal of Honor Character Development Program incorporates the ideals of courage and selfless service into the middle and high school curriculum to build character and promote responsible citizenship. Under a grant from the General Electric Foundation, the Medal of Honor Foundation worked with the Erie and Wattsburg Area School Districts in Pennsylvania and a group of educators for more than two years to establish Medal of Honor-related lesson plans drawing upon the ideals embodied in the Medal of Honor, and their application in daily life.
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The program was designed for use in a variety of education purposes, with lesson plans that use best practices based on national standards and core values. The program is enhanced by the addition of video teleconferencing with a Medal of Honor recipient addressing student assemblies or classrooms and interacting with students in question and answer sessions. The Character Development Program brochure is available for download and printing.

MoH recipient Pat Brady visits with Discovery Middle School student.

A training model for teaching the curriculum in the classroom is now in place for training teachers on the best practices in using the program. In addition, the entire Medal of Honor curriculum, including more than 100 Medal of Honor recipient living history videos, is now available at the educational online site. For information on the Medal of Honor Character Development Program visit

MoH Recipient Bruce Crandall participates in Teacher Training in Mesa, AZ

MoH Recipient Bruce Crandall participates in Teacher Training in Mesa, AZ

education nation Interview with Medal of Honor Recipients Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter and Colonel Jack H. JacobsThe Congressional Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest award for acts of wartime valor. The Medal of Honor Foundation’s Character Development Program incorporates the ideals of the medal into middle and high school curricula, with the goal of promoting responsible citizenship.
The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center in partnership with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation presented Medal of Honor: Lessons in Personal Bravery and Self Sacrifice, part of the acclaimed speaker series for students at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Friday, February 24, 2012. Medal of Honor recipients Jay Vargas, Patrick Brady, Bruce Crandall and Walter Ehlers spoke about the importance of Character Development and the Medal of Honor. annenberg-300x204Click here to view full symposium video
Here’s what attendees had to say:
“The program with the Medal of Honor recipients was wonderful!!! Our school did the webcast, so all of the junior high students could watch. The students were in awe of these gentlemen, and many times tears came to my eyes listening to their stories. The Medal of Honor curriculum has been a wonderful experience for my students this year. We have all learned a great deal about the Medal, the soldiers and ourselves. Thank-you.”Linda Patton-Hiatt
St. Theresa School
Palm Springs,CA
“The Del Sur students and staff would like to thank the Ronald Reagan Library for inviting us to participate in the Medal of Honor Event on Friday, February 24th. It was a great privilege to be included in such an important and memorable discussion. During class today, many students said they enjoyed the humorous and competitive comments between Patrick Brady and Bruce Crandall on who was the best pilot during the war. Several also commented on Walter Ehler’s personal reaction when promising his mother he would be a good Christian soldier; his human response really touched the students and one said she wanted to hug him. Of course, students remembered the advice from Jay Vargas to take care of each other and never ask a Marine (or anyone) to do something that they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves. One student commented today in his journal that “The Medal of Honor Recipients ignited a whole new enjoyment and pride for our country in me…Seeing the medals around their necks made their vignettes come alive”.”
Jostens to partner with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation in the national expansion of the Character Development Program! Medal of Honor recipients Jack Jacobs and Hal Fritz will be attending the Jostens Renaissance National Conference for educators and students in Orlando, Florida in July 2012, with Jack Jacobs delivering the keynote address. Jostens Renaissance National Conference
Medal of Honor recipients Sal Giunta and Bruce Crandall recently participated in a Q & A session at the Citadel as part of the college’s Principled Leadership Guest Lecture Series. Earlier in the day, Sal spoke to the sophomore class and Bruce to the freshman class. The Character Development Program is a required course for credit taught to all incoming sophomores.  

Giunta, Crandall

Salvatore Giunta, moderator and military photographer, Stacy Pearsall,and Bruce Crandall.